J'aide Sam à regarder un livre

Helping Sam to look at a book

How to develop Sam's interest in books and enjoy shared reading?

J'aide Sam à ne pas jeter (Vignette)

Helping Sam not to throw things

What behaviors should be adopted so that Sam stops throwing objects?

Préparer la rentrée avec Sam (Vignette)

Getting Sam ready to start school

What are the key tips that will make Sam ready to start school?


Arranging Sam’s bedroom

What kind of set-up allow Sam to play and rest in good conditions?

J'aide Sam à saluer (Vignette)

Helping Sam to say hello and goodbye

How can we help Sam greet people, and say hello and goodbye appropriately?


Helping Sam to be patient

What tools or behaviors encourage more calm waiting?


Helping Sam to choose

How can we help Sam express his preference among several choices?


Helping Sam to look at me

How to stimulate eye contact and connect better with Sam?


Helping Sam to imitate

How to stimulate imitation with objects, gestures or words?